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Those that arrive at this website, via whatever route, will soon become aware that a major portion of it is devoted to metal working activities carried out predominantly in a home metalworking workshop. My background is that I was editor of the Model Engineers' Workshop magazine, from issue 7 (October 1991) to issue 28 (April 1995) and have since written in all but a few issues up to issue 178 (July 2011), now only occasionally. These pages now contain most of the metalworking articles I wrote during this time, for an index to these, click here.


If you have arrived at this site using a search engine or by some other prompt and having other interests you may still find some of the pages worth a visit. Typically, these cover  Cabinet making, Sound recording, Marquetry, The Salvation Army, Photography, Horology,  and others, all of which I have an interest in.


Viewers having arrived here because of their metalworking activities may also find some of these non metalworking pages worth browsing. Typically, many have an interest in electronics and will find the internal photographs of my Revox A77 sound recorders worth an inspection as these Swiss made machines are in a class of their own.

Metalworking and other Interests

Harold Hall   

Boring Head, minature
Drinks Trolley
Workshop Practice Series Books
Soft Jaws for the Three Jaw Chuck, Making
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Videos.  Latest additions

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 Grinding Rests being used for--  

     Introduction to my Grinding Rests

     Lathe  Knife Tool  and  Boring Tool  sharpening and shaping.

     End Mill, end only and End Mill, fully sharpening

     Slitting Saw  and  Dovetail Cutter  sharpening

     Four Facet Drill Sharpening  and  Wheel Dressing


     This completes the series.

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