This Monument was erected in 1920 by THE AMERICAN RED CROSS Near the Spot Where So Many of THE VICTIMS OF THE DISASTERS SLEEP in EVERLASTING PEACE"

Another plaque, on the land would side of the the monument, reads-


"Sacred to the IMMORTAL MEMORY of those SOLDIERS AND SAILORS Who Gave Their Lives for Their Country in the Wrecks of the Transports 'TUSCANIA' February 5th 1918 and 'ONRANTO' October 6th 1918.


This Plaque, just visible amongst the rocks on the right, and reads-


“A Tribute From Woodrow Wilson President Of The United States Of America To The Memory Of His Fellow Citizens Who Gave Their Lives For Their Country In Nearby Waters 1918”  

The plaques can be clicked for a larger view.


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Cliffs at the Mull of Oa Islay.   

                    Northern Island can just be seen on the horizon on the right hand side.