Lathe Back Stop, Making 2

Harold Hall

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I should add that the dimensions given suit my Myford S7 and will of course require changing for other lathes, the design though being simple, this should not be a problem.  



This is quite straight forward as the majority of tasks are relatively simple turning operations with just one milling task that can easily be done on the lathe so that the project is well within the bounds of the lathe only workshop. There are also two parts that require 6 holes placed equally around their circumference but I will be describing a very easy way of doing this on the drilling machine without the need for a dividing head.   The complete set of parts is seen in Photograph 1 from which the reader can gauge the amount of work involved, a few of the simpler parts and the spider are though optional.


Stop Bar Holder (6)

Cut a length of 16mm diameter, a little over 95mm long, and place in the chuck, face the end and centre drill to about 12mm diameter. The purpose of the large centre is that eventually it will provide a lead in for the Stop Bar when being used. Reverse in the chuck and reduce the diameter to 9.9mm over a length of 14mm. This operation is though only necessary if you are using collets rather than a jawed chuck as it will permit the part to  pass through the collet when it is reversed as is required later.


With the part reversed again, support with the tailstock and turn the 10mm diameter and the taper, Photograph 2, do not though move the top slide from the 10° angle until after the Body is completed. Fit the fixed steady,  setting it to support the 10mm diameter, doing this whilst still supported by the tailstock centre. Remove centre and drill 5.5mm diameter to a depth of 30mm and then with a boring tool on the top slide bore to a diameter of 6mm by 27mm deep, ensuring as a result that it is concentric with the taper and 10mm diameter which a 6mm drilled hole may not be. Whilst concentricity is not vital it is worth aiming for being simple to achieve.


Reverse once more and hold on the 10mm diameter with the head now behind the chuck jaws or the collet holding it. Face the end and reduce the diameter to 3/8” over a length of 14mm and then, using a die, make the required thread. Finally, for this part, drill 7mm diameter to a depth of 60mm.

Lathe Back Stop, Making (parts)




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