Harold Hall

Model Making

My first engineering model was the Stuart H10 horizontal engine, frequently a first model for budding model engineers. However, I was around 56 at the time. Being asked by the local Salvation Army Men's Fellowship to give a short talk on my metal working activities I considered that the extent of the work involved in making the engine would not be apparent unless I could show a set of castings in their raw state, so a set of castings was purchased for the V10 vertical engine from which the second engine eventually resulted.


My third model was again made purely for the satisfaction of making it. This time, a model shaping machine, again from Stuart.


For one of my workshop equipment articles in the Model Engineers' Workshop magazine I chose to design and make a Milling Head  for use on a centre lathe. This, for the workshop owner who had to work without a milling machine. Having completed it I decided to show it in action and  to prove its capabilities. For this  I chose the steam engine Tina.


Subsequently, I made a further H10, plus a V, so as to provide a beginners article for publication in the Model Engineer, this article can now be found here on my website.


As yet these are still static models but hopefully one day I will produce a boiler and have them running if time permits.


The Suart engines and shaper can be purchased as kits of  raw castings and other materials, finished parts ready for assembly, or even ready to run for some models, and are supplied by “Stuart Models” Bridport Dorset”


A kit of of materials and castings for   making "Tina" can be  purchased  from GLR Kennions Ltd.                         

Stationary steam engine "Tina"
Stationary steam engine "Tina"
Stuart 10V
Stuart model shaping machine
Stuart 10H steam engine

Stuart 10V steam engine

Stuart 10H steam engine

Stuart model Shaping machine

Steam engine “Tina”

Engineering Models. Harold Hall

See HERE for  the setups required to make these two engines


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