and other Interests.

“Jack of all Interests”


Rather than "Jack of all trades" I tend to call myself a "Jack of all Interests" but most certainly “Master of None”.


In addition to metalworking, which has been covered extensively in other pages, I am including some content on the following being, or having been,  other interests of mine. These are Sound Recording, Cabinet Making, Model Making, Marquetry and Pencil Sketching. There  have also been others that I have dabbled with and water colour painting which I have had the required equipment for many years but have yet to attempt.


From this you may gather that I am not a very patient person and likes plenty of variation, but admire those who can work on a project over many years before completion. Being on the fringe of model engineering I am fully aware of those in this field who are able to take this approach and I take my hat off to them.

Harold Hall