Harold Hall

Myford Top slide Knob, for use when the top slide is set almost parallel with the cross slide.                                     Harold Hall

Whilst the Myford Super 7 top slide has a full 360 degrees rotation this cannot be fully used as its handle fouls the cross slide when it is almost parallel with it.


Having a need to set the top slide almost parallel to the cross slide, Photograph 1, I made the knob seen in Photograph 2 as a temporary replacement for the handle fitted.  


This arrangement will be more than adequate for the very occasional use, especially if the top slide is only to be traversed over a short distance, for a longer distance, it may be easier to use a large screwdriver in the screw securing the knob.


The normal handle is mounted onto a tapered mounting on the leadscrew but I chose to place a parallel hole in the knob, therefore locating on its front edge only, more than adequate for its limited us. It would though be worthwhile very lightly chamfering the edge of the hole.


Workshop Projects

Myford top slide handle, for use at near 90 degrees


Myford Series Seven top slide


Photograph 1 can be clicked on to provide a larger view