Harold Hall



Unfortunately,  I am having to make changes  as I have for a few years found my involvement with my website and videos far too demanding. I have therefore decided, now at the age of 84 (2017), to cut back on what I do.


Whilst I will keep my email addresses, and my correspondence page her, I can no longer accept mail that needs more than, typically, a “thank you” or “ pleased to hear you have made my dividing head and am finding it useful”, etc.


For those who need help in making one of my projects, I am sorry that I feel it necessary to take this action but would suggest that you use one of the many forums to pose your questions.


One exception is that I will attempt to answer questions where the enquirer needs clarification regarding a projects design.


It is my intention for the foreseeable to call a halt to major additions to my website and videos, but do not totally rule out the possibility of another video or a few new pages in the future.  I would now like to get into the workshop and start making things just for the fun of it as apart from installing a shaper, not even used yet, I have done nothing for some five years, probably even longer.


Some may wonder if the reason is because of a health problem, this is not so, it is just that at 84 my brain is not as agile as it once was and find the process more arduous than I am happy with.


To conclude, I would like to thank the very large number who have have written to me over many years thanking me for my magazine articles, books, website, and more recently, my videos. The response has been far more than I could have visualised and has done a lot to keep me going.






Before using the “Contact Me” link above to correspond with me, please read the comments to the right.