Milling Head For the lathe 4

Harold Hall

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Column Assembly

Columns C16  Other than all four requiring to be the same length these are simple parts. Cut four lengths and check that these are straight but of course this is only essential for the front two columns. Mount in the three jaw and support outer end with the fixed steady. Face the end and drill and tap M6, Photograph 4. Repeat for all four parts and similarly on the other end. Next fit a back stop in the lathe spindle so that the four columns can be returned to the lathe in exactly the same position. Fit the first ensuring it is against the back stop and lightly face the outer end once more, clamp the saddle at this position and do not move the top slide. Remove and fit the second column again against the back stop and face the end, as a result ensuring that it is the same length as the first. Repeat for columns three and four.


See my pages on using the Lathe’s Fixed Steady should you like more detail on using these. The type with the hinged upper section will make the process simpler.


Depending on the length of the bed on your lathe you may find there is not much room for tapping the bar in situ and will have to be hand tapped away from the lathe.


Top and Bottom Plates C11 and C17 Cut two pieces of 125 mm x 10 mm, just over 120 mm long and machine to length as per Photograph 5, or file edges. Mark out the five holes on the top plate and make a centre punch mark on the back edge at the left hand end, similarly on the rear edge of the bottom plate. Clamp the two together with the centre punch marks adjacent and drill the four 6.5 diameter holes. The centre punch marks will assist in ensuring that the counterboring is eventually carried out on the correct side. Now drill hole B in the top plate but only 5 mm diameter at this stage. Counterbore the four holes in the bottom plate, make sure you do this on the required side keeping the position of the centre punch mark in mind.


The bottom plate will also need drilling for the chosen method of mounting it on the lathe's bed.


Spindle Mount C18 Whilst quite large this is a very straight forward part to make, just cut and machine a piece of 100 mm x 10 mm to length, mark out and drill holes. Do first though make sure that it is flat.

Fixed Steady, Using