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Slide to Digital transfer   Harold Hall

It is likely that some viewers of this website will, like myself, have a large number of transparences (slides) that they would like to be converted to digital images. Whilst there are many companies offering this service it can be expensive and worth attempting a DIY approach.


The photograph shows the set up I use and is I feel largely self explanatory, A few pointers are though worth offering.


The camera should be set up on a tripod or some other ridged assembly, else each picture will require lining up and focusing individually making it a very tedious operation.


With the camera rigidly positioned the slides also need a location method that is repetitive. The card, having a hole cut into it through which the light shines, should also have a strip of card fixed to it to locate the lower edge of the slide and similarly a strip on the left hand side to locate the slide’s horizontal position. Positioning the locating strip on the right hand side would be best if you are left handed. With that done it will be easy and quick to place each new slide in position.


To avoid the possibility of moving the camera, operate this with a cable release or a wireless remote control.


I am using a slide light box but a suitable aperture with a piece of frosted glass and a light behind should give adequate results providing the camera is correctly set up.


After experimenting with focus, exposure and white balance on a few shots it should easily be possible to copy at least 100 slides an hour. You will of course need a camera that is able to focus close up, maybe with the addition of a close up lens.


If you have any doubts about the process click on the picture to view it at a larger size. It should be possible to see the wires of the fence indicating that the picture has been transferred with very little by way of lost detail.

North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

The mountains of Harris if the far distance.

North Uist Outer Hebrides
Photographic Slide to digital transfer