Harold Hall


If a half joint is to be made to clamp onto the dovetail a very small dovetail cutter would be required, but as this is unlikely to be available, and in any case precision is not required, then the shape can be done by hand using a small triangular file after milling a recess for it.



These are another essential requirement with a range of lengths and at least two of each length being beneficial.  


Additional items

Table Mount

This simple item provides a very rigid mount for whatever use the system it is being put to, I say whatever, as it will be seen that it has many and varied uses, typically, Photograph 6 shows it being used on the lathes cross slide to mount an indicator. In this case the mount could stay there whilst convenient and a second mount made for use elsewhere.


The mount is seen top centre of photograph 2 and to its right a tee stud for mounting it on the lathe. A larger version of the tee stud would be required if to be used on the milling machine table, as would a larger washer for placing under the mount.


Fixed Mount

This part is very similar to the table mount  but as it has only to be fitted the once I have used just a single flat for the spanner rather than a hexagon. photograph 1 showed this in use and Photograph 7 a close up of how it is mounted on my machine.


In many cases this item will need changes to suit the machine on which it is being mounted. With this requirement in mind I consider it unfortunate that milling machine makers do not at least provide some mounting surface for anchoring a dial indicator, as for me, using an indicator in this way is an  essential feature of using a milling machine.


If no easy method of fixing a mount off the machine's head is available then some method off its column would seem the only other option. As there will be a multitude of methods I can only give two suggestions which will need to be adapted to suit the machine in question, Sk. 1 .


Workshop Projects

Dial Test Indicator accesories, holders
Dial Test Indicator holder, Milling machine head