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Experience in use.

Since I have had the clamps a pair have been an almost permanent feature on my milling machine table being used in place of a vice for all sorts of small tasks, Photograph 7 showing a typical example.


Their advantages as I see it are.


If kept assembled with their twin screw tee nuts, fitting them to the machine table is a very quick operation but can even just be moved to the end of the table if a subsequent part needs to be held using a, vice, angle plate or direct onto the worktable.


Changing to suit different workpiece widths is very quick.

If the part needs to be supported by a parallel then, as the parallel sits directly on the table, it eliminates any error that there may be in the vice that would have been used.


Will hold much longer workpieces than the milling vice.


A complete absence of jaw lift.


One minor weakness is that small particles of swarf fall into the counterbores which carry the screws that fix the clamps to the table making access with the hex key a little difficult. A piece of masking tape, or Blue Tack, will though easily overcome the problem


With the workpiece clamping screws having a pitch of 1mm compared to 3mm for a typical vice then securing the workpiece needs much less torque applied to the clamping screws. However, if used for a more demanding application the tendency will be to add a little more effort and if overdone can move the jaws along the table. In such a case adding a support behind each jaw (before securing the workpiece!) will give added security, Photograph 8, In the vast majority of cases though these are not required.


I hope the inclusion of this project will prompt some viewers to make a set, or two, as I have found I am using them far more than I had anticipated.


In Use.

The method is to fix the solid jaw, place the workpiece against it and then the clamping jaw against the workpiece, then, this also secured to the table. With that done the the workpiece can be secured using the screws in the clamping jaw. DO NOTE, the thin part of the jaw in not called upon to move, it is just a pressure pad avoiding the screws damaging the workpiece.

A Two Piece Milling Machine Vice, an alternative
A Two Piece Milling Machine Vice, an alternative