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This page lists all of my public videos with links to the video and the related page on this website.

 Link to the related website page.  *          Video Link

  Back Stop for the lathe ----------------------   Video  

  Compact faceplate/angleplate workpiece clamps-   Video  

  Dial engraving tool --------------------------   Video  

  Dial indicator accessories with other uses ---   Video  

  Dividing head, basic. ------------------------   Video  

  Dividing head, full function. ----------------   Video  

  End Mill. Sharpening the end cutting edges. --   Video  

  Faceplate Balancing Fixture ------------------   Video  

  Four Jaw Chuck, an alternative. --------------   Video  

  Heavy duty engineers sash clamp --------------   Video  

  High profile clamps. -------------------------   Video  

  Low profile clamps. --------------------------   Video  

  Milling Cutter Chuck -------------------------   Video  

  Milling head for the lathe -------------------   Video  

  Quick change tool holder. --------------------   Video  

  Rotary Table, direct fed, no worm/wormwheel --   Video  

  Self Setting Parallels, for the drilling vice-   Video  

  Small Boring Head ----------------------------   Video  

  Soft Jaws for the three jaw chuck ------------   Video  

  Tapping Stand --------------------------------   Video

  Toolmakers Clamps. ---------------------------   Video  


 Grinding Rest Videos

  Dovetail Cutter Sharpening -------------------   Video  

  End Mill, end only Sharpening ----------------   Video  

  End Mill, end and sides Sharpening -----------   Video  

  Four Facet Drill Sharpening ------------------   Video  

  Grinding Wheel Dressing **--------------------   Video  

  Introduction. --------------------------------   Video  

  Lathe Knife Tool, Sharpening -----------------   Video  

  Lathe Boring Tool Shaping and Sharpening -----   Video  

  Slitting Saw Sharpening ----------------------   Video  


  **There is no site page for wheel dressing.


 Project for an Afternoon (small projects)

  Depth Gauges                                     Video  

  Faceplate Dogs                                   Video  

  Lathe Centre Finder                              Video  

  Marking out Gauge                                Video  

  Saddle Stop                                      Video  

  Square Collets                                   Video  


Some projects may take a little more that an afternoon depending on the machines available and what preparation has been done. Typically, studying the drawings.  


* Note  The website page also has a link to the actual video.