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Gradually increase the depth of cut using the saddle and traverse the cross slide to make the cut. The method worked so well that I wished I had used it for the similar operation for the 10V. I will certainly consider using boring tools for machining castings in future even on the milling machine as boring tools can be had quite cheaply compared to a single point end mill having removable tips. The curved bottom of the aperture can be finalised using a largish round file as it only needs to have clearance with the bearings being fitted, as does the width of the aperture just made.


Finally. make a tapped mandrel to fit the bore of the casting and mount it as seen in Photograph 81, the reverse side of the flange can then be machined using the parting tool in the rear toolpost.


When drilling the five holes in the flange, ensure that they are positioned correctly so that the cylinder and the valve chest are in the right place when assembled.


Having now made four Stuart 10's, two 10V's and two 10H's I have christened them “The Family”, and are seen in Photograph 82, I have also made the larger “Tina” from GLR Distributors. Unfortunately though, I have never found the time to make a boiler so I have no experience in setting one up for using it under steam. For those who do wish to run the engine Stuart do publish on their website two PDF's, one on setting up the engine and the other on running it.

Stuart 10H steam engine machining
Stuart 10H steam engine, Stuart 10V steam engine.

With  these pages now complete I hope it has gone some way to meet the requirements of those in the forum who commented about making one using just a lathe.


For me, I now have four Stuart 10's only the first being made purely for the satisfaction of making it. The second was as a result of being asked to give a talk about my metalworking activities to the local Salvation Army men's fellowship and thought that they would not understand the work involved in making the first engine so purchased a set of castings to show them.


Number three and four obviously as a result of making them to help those forum members. I do now think that four is enough!.

The Family












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